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Composite bonding

Sometimes it can be can be a bit funny adding photos of patients to websites because patients need to consent to having their photos used (and to be honest I really need to ask more often if I can - future aim!)

This, however is my cousin - and she doesn't have much say in it really.

Victoria had orthodontics done with a local Consultant Orthodontist over 10 years ago. She never went back for the composite bonding afterwards as she was quite anxious about treatment.

I finally persuaded her that treatment would be really straightforward - no pain, no needles and it would make a HUGE difference. She finally plucked up the courage to say yes, to give her more confidence in her new job as a Quantity Surveyor.

She also took a lot of persuasion that composite bonding would look every bit as good as veneers but would be much less destructive to the teeth and enhance what she already has!

The first photos show the gaps between the teeth following orthodontic treatment due to the shape of the tiny lateral incisors (peg laterals.)

Before treatment Victoria used Boutique whitening™ to bleach her teeth from an A2 to a B1 shade. This took around 10 days.

During the appointment

* No local anaesthetic was used. An optragate™ dam was placed to retract the lips.

* Some old composite filling material was used to make a direct mock up on the teeth to give the patient an idea of what could be achieved. The patient was happy with the mock up and consented to have the composite permanantly bonded to her teeth.

*We found the correct shade match and the best matching brand of composite for the bonding.

*At the end of treatment the composites were polished to a high lustre and to ensure there were no lips or dents which would catch plaque or stain.

Victoria was really pleased with the treatment afterwards!!

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